Introduction – A Pilgrim’s Journey (Part 1)

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

Throughout human history, people have been assembling for various purposes. Commercial, cultural, political, and recreational purpose have drawn thousands if not hundreds of thousands. But nothing compares to the Hajj—a gathering of millions. It is an assembly of believers bound together for a single reason: to answer the call of the Lord of the Worlds:

“Declare to the people the Hajj. They will come on foot and on every lean camel. They will come from every remote path.” [22: 27]

The result is an awe-inspiring gathering of faith. The Hajj—all of its motions and utterances—are for the sake of glorifying, exalting and surrendering to Allah.

What is ‘A Pilgrim’s Journey’?

A Pilgrim’s Journey was originally a 7-week email series produced by Hunafaa Travel with the goal of preparing a pilgrim for Ḥajj. It is concentrates primarily on the spiritual dimensions of the divinely revealed rites. It is less to do with fiqh and more to do with the deeper meanings symbolised in the Hajj.


Too often, the primary focus of a pilgrim’s preparation is on the do’s and don’ts; not much consideration is given to the deeper, more profound meanings of the pilgrimage.

What will I get out of it?

An appreciation that the Hajj rites are more than just statements and actions; they embody powerful ideas and everlasting meanings, which mature and guide the heart and mind of every pilgrim. You will, by Allah’s Grace, begin to admire the wisdom, gentleness and mercy, which Allah has placed in this epic, marathon-like worship.

Who is it for?

It is for all Muslims especially anyone travelling for Hajj. The content in this email series is applicable to life beyond the pilgrimage.



A breakdown of the contents is as follows:

1 – Thinking about Hajj
We discuss how to best plan for Hajj.

2 – To-Do tips
The pilgrimage is no easy task. To alleviate some of its difficulties we address a range of troubling issues.

3 – Explanation of the Talbiyah
We reflect on the meanings of the most repeated phrase of Hajj.

4 – Umrah: A Journey to The King
Most people couple their Hajj with an Umrah, and the actions stipulated in it are also found in Hajj. Here, we dissect the Umrah experience.

5 & 6 – 8th -13th days of Dhull Hijjah
The days of Hajj have begun. We look at what takes place on these days and make an effort to uncover the buried gems and treasures herein.

7 – Conclusion of the Hajj season
We discuss life at the end of the Hajj cycle.

8 – Bonus: A Pertinent Advice
Parting advice from one of our resident scholars.