Thinking about Hajj? – A Pilgrim’s Journey (Part 2)

Just because Hajj is many months away that doesn’t mean that a prospective pilgrim should put off any preparations he has [for it] until closer to the time.

Many people begin preparing spiritually, mentally and physically for Hajj a few weeks before flying out. However, a few weeks is barely enough to make the most out of the Hajj experience.

Allah said about the Hajj, “And take provisions, and indeed, the best provision is taqwa (ethical caution).” [2:197]

Allah did not simply command us to do Hajj; He also directed us to plan and make the necessary preparations.

1. Mark key dates. Take note of  the dates when Hajj is forecasted to take place, the duration of the Hajj tour, pre-Hajj seminars, vaccination dates, etc. This way, preparations are properly scheduled.

2. Start saving. Find out the average cost of a good Hajj package and calculate how much of your income should be put aside each month. You may have cut down on expenses. Be careful to not dip into savings.

3. Learn about Hajj. Reading “how” to do Hajj is important, but if you want to feel excited about it then read about its virtues and stories: the story of Ibrahim and his family, the Kabah, the farewell Hajj.

4. Gather supplies and exercise. Make a list if things you will require. That way you won’t forget anything.

There is a lot of walking involved in Hajj. Some people recommend walking regularly prior to leaving for Hajj to build endurance and stamina.

5. Inform family/friends. Informing family and friends from the onset that you are planning to go on Hajj is somewhat like a public pledge. It forces the prospective pilgrim to not give up on his plans. Moreover, this way, the family will understand that any big purchases may have to be postponed.

6. Choose the right Hajj company. We’ve written a separate post on 5 things you should look for in every Hajj operator. Read the article here.