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“And they were not commanded except that they should worship Allah sincere in His Religion, hunafaa’ and establish as-Salaah and give Zakaah: and that is the right religion”
[Surah al-Bayyinah:5]

Hunafaa’, an innovated and established Hajj and Umrah travel agent, stand with the primary aim of providing a spiritually rewarding pilgrimage, combined with a luxurious environment so that our customers can enjoy a hassle-free and enlightening experience.

At Hunafaa’, we recognise and understand some of the challenges our British Hujjaj have been facing over the years, despite the many promises made by those responsible of taking care of them. Therefore trust us to provide You with the highest standards of service, producing quality packages that are transparent and reliable.

We want our customers to focus on the purpose of their visit while we take care of everything else.

We, at Hunafaa’ do not intend any type of reward from You except that may the result of all our effort(s) be enough to proceed in support of our local educational institutes. We have an established team of well educated, skilled and talented individuals who are good enough to drive our customers to excellence and peace of mind.

And finally Hunafaa’ promise You full assistance (with the aid of Ar-Rabb) to walk upon the path of Al-Haneef; inclining You towards Him (Allah) as Upright, Steadfast and Sincere Hujjaj!


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