Al-Multazam – Why do people cling onto the Kabah?

The multazam (place of clinging) is the area wherein a supplicant rests his chest, forearms including the palms and his face against it, making du’a to Allah. Therein he would praise and glorify Allah, taking refuge with Him, seeking His forgiveness and asking for his needs.

The multazam is the part of the Ka’bah that is between the Black Stone and the door of the Ka’bah according to the most popular opinion.

Some reports indicate that it is the back wall of the Ka’bah whilst other reports indicate that it is under the mizab (drain pipe located at the top of one of the walls of the Ka’bah).

Some scholars viewed that the multazam is every part of the Ka’bah. This view, though not adopted by many, appears to be very probable. This is because if all the narrations supporting the different views are authentic then it indicates that the actions of the sahabah (companions), may Allah be pleased with them, was not to specify a particular place, but it was according to what was easy for them or what was known among them. And Allah knows best.

008. Al-Multazam

It should be noted that the authenticity of those narrations tracing back to the Prophet salla Allahu ‘alayhi wa sallam, connecting the multzam to him, are debated over. However, we have authentic narrations attributing the multazam to the companions and the generations that followed them.

There is no specific du’a that should be said at the multazam. The scholars have stated that the Muslim may cling on to the multazam when he enters the Ka’bah, or when performing the Farewell Tawaf, or at any time he wishes.

If one observes the multazam then he should not cause difficulty for other people by offering a lengthy du’a. He is not to annoy or harm the Believers in an attempt to reach the wall.