Hajj - A Memorable and Unforgettable Journey....


“In it are manifest signs, the Maqaam of Ibrahim; whosoever enters it, he attains security. And Hajj to the House is a duty that mankind owes to Allah, those who can afford the expenses; and whoever disbelieves [i.e. denies Hajj, then he is a disbeliever of Allah], then Allah stands not in need of any of Al-‘Aalamiin.”
[Surah Al-Imraan (3): 97]

Why book with Hunafaa Travel

  • We try our utmost to perform Hajj according to the Sunnah.
  • We incorporate a valuable educational programme which ensures that this journey is a rich spiritual experience.
  • We do not attract people from a specific background or nationality; we have a good mix of Muslims from a variety of backgrounds.
  • All meetings/lectures & announcements are in English
  • All ground transportation is on our own private buses – we do not use government transport (except from airport to hotel).
  • All organisers are fluent in English and a number also in Arabic, Bangla and Urdu.
  • We have our own dedicated tents in Arafat.
  • We will deliver what we promise.