A Pilgrim's Journey

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Throughout human history, people have been assembling for various purposes. Commercial, cultural, political, and recreational purpose have drawn thousands if not hundreds of thousands. But nothing compares to the Hajj—a gathering of millions. It is an assembly of believers bound together for a single reason: to answer the call of the Lord of the Worlds, “Declare to the people the Hajj. They will come on foot and on every lean camel. They will come from every remote path.” [22: 27]

The result is an awe-inspiring gathering of faith. The Hajj—all of its motions and utterances—are for the sake of glorifying, exalting and surrendering to Allah.

A Pilgrim’s Journey explores the profound meanings and symbolism that exists in the Hajj.

After reading this book, you will, by Allah’s Grace, begin to admire the powerful ideas, ever-lasting wisdoms and immense mercy, which Allah has placed in this epic, marathon-like worship.