Mistakes during Tawaf

Some mistakes that occur during tawaf (circling Ka’bah) are:

1 – Uttering the intention aloud. For example, the pilgrim stands facing the Black Stone and says, “O Allah, I intend to do seven circuits of tawaf for Umrah” or the like.

2 – Pushing and shoving. This is especially true when people go to touch the Black Stone. They are disturbed by others and then go onto disturb others themselves. Instead, he should remain calm and dignified, so that he will have the proper presence of mind for worshipping Allah. The Prophet said, “Tawaf around the House, the running between Safa and Marwah, and the stoning have only been prescribed so remember Allah (dhikr).”

3 – Tawaf is not valid unless one kisses the Black Stone. This is a mistaken notion. Kissing the Black Stone is a sunnah (recommended act). Moreover, it is not an independent sunnah either, rather it is sunnah for the one who is doing tawaf. If there is a lot of crowding then pointing is better than touching, because this is what the Messenger of Allah did when the place was crowded, and because by doing this a person avoids harm that he may do to others or that others may do to him.

4 – Kissing the Yemeni Corner. There is no authentic proof concerning this from the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him).

5 – Touching the Black Stone with the left hand. It is customary to use the right hand in matters of respect.

6 – Touching the Black Stone just for the sake of it or as part of a “bucket list.” The purpose of touching the Black Stone or wiping it or kissing it is to glorify Allah. Hence, when the Prophet touched the Black Stone, he said: “Allahu Akbar,” as an indication that the purpose of this action is to glorify Allah.